Dreams Of Beans
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"Coffee and Friends
Make the perfect blend."
It's Not Just Coffee To Us

Supporting the local community and
their Artists are important to us. 
Bourekas are nothing short of edible perfection — heavenly little bagels of pyhllo dough crisped with hot oil or melted butter, topped with sesame seeds and stuffed with any number of delicious savory ingredients. Nutritious and filling, they make a satisfying meal any time of day.
Chai Latte
Our Chai is a traditional spiced recipe that is brewed in house and has no added sweeteners or flavors. Steamed with our local Kawartha Dairy milk. Optionally topped with character and what makes it better than the competition. Is that feeling of originality.
A Heavenly concoction of coffee and chocolate. Kawartha Dairy chocolate milk steamed to perfection finished with a single shot of espresso, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and yes to finish it all off seasonal toppings and chocolate shavings.
Created by a high-pressure extraction of fine, evenly ground coffee, which is then evenly distributed and compacted. We always describe our products with passion and emotion to align with our fair trade values and dedication to keeping you caffeinated.
Best café in Peterborough. They have a phenomenal selection of loose leaf tea, and a bold, flavorful selection of coffee. It is a laid-back, quiet environment, perfect for laying back with a good book or writing an essay. The staff is super friendly, and the owner is amazing.
Allen P.
So many lovely things to eat and drink. Great coffee and tea selection to bag up and take home! Great new selection of pastries!
Soup Du JourDifferent and Delicious Every Time. 6.00
Vegan WrapsLentil, Spinach, Spiced Chick Pea, Eggplant & Sundried Tomato7.00
Tandoori Chick Pea, Kale, Sweet Potato Multi-Bean & Quinoa7.00
SandwichMultitude of Selections and Toasted to Perfection.6.00-8.00
Combo1/2 Soup Du Jour and 1/2 Sandwich 6.00
SamosaBaked Pastry stuffed with Spiced Potatoes, Onions, Peas, Lentils6.00
Craft BeerBrock St. & Publican Assortments, Flying Monkeys, Confederation6.00
Wine Red/WhiteSauvignon blanc, Rioja 8.00
Liquor / SpiritsBaileys, Kahlua, Skyy, Jameson Irish Whiskey,4.50
 Soy / Almond / Partly Skim milk options available upon request.
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Jatin Chanana


138 Hunter St. W.
Peterborough, Ontario
K9H 2K8

LLBO Licence and Food Safety Certified.
We at Deams of Beans, have been a pillar in the community for Several years now, supporting local artists, speak easies, bands, gatherings, Venues and many more events.  Dedicated to providing a friendly local environment to which the community will embrace. Friendly staff and great prices are our goal. Fair Trade Organic Coffees locally roasted with an assortment of loose leaf teas, pastries and lunch options including gluten free.